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Easter time is upon us

Spring is a great time of year- blooming flowers, singing birds, giggling children! They look forward to hunting for Easter eggs, munching lots of candy, and petting little bunnies. We have something new to add to your child’s Easter basket- a Ball of Faith. Give the ball a shake and ask a question. The answer comes through God’s words. 

A Ball of Faith is the perfect gift for any occasion: a tired mother who needs encouragement throughout the day and night, encouragement for a person striving to get well, celebrations of birth, life, and holidays. The ball is fun for all ages, because it brings our thoughts towards God every time we shake it. What better way to deliver God into the hands and hearts of children!

I spent months in a hospital with my son- Cody, who was born with a heart defect. During many lonely days, I raged against the unfairness of his condition, prayed he would improve, and cried when he did not. People would bring gifts, but most of them we couldn’t keep, because balloons, flowers, stuffed animals cannot be disinfected. I wish I had had a Ball of Faith by my son's bed. Shaking it and being reminded of God’s love would have been very helpful, especially when Cody died at 8 1/2 months old.  

I hope this Easter season finds all of you happy and healthy. Give someone you love the Ball of Faith. Bring you and your loved ones joy and encouragement, and a reminder that you are held lovingly in God’s hands!  Brenda Cain

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