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Being thankful

Listen people, life can be so hard. It can seem so unfair, painful and not very rewarding for sure. There is hope in God! Circumstances cannot change the character ofGod. Trust God to keep his promises and remember what God has already done for you. He gave us his only son. He gave us life. Look arround you, he's everywhere. When you're in a situation like my niece or my good friend, where cancer has it's hold on you try not to worry. God has your back. This is only our temporary home. It's not where we belong. We belong to and with God. All my love goes out to the suffering. Ashley and Sue you're in my prayers. When we're walking through life remember there could be hardship all around you. We all need grace. please give it freely. To my dog Reese who I just lost to cancer - Play on sweet girl. There's no pain in heaven.



This time of year is a big gift buying time. Easter is so great! Giving our children baskets full of candy and other goodies. The easter bunny, awesome. Let's remember we recieved the biggest gift of all. We recieved eternal life. Wow!!! Jesus died for our sins. So he could cover them. When he rose from the dead, amazing. I wish I was there. Enjoy the gifts. Just remember the greatest gift of all.

Photo by Stiefen Schlingen


Easter time is upon us

Spring is a great time of year- blooming flowers, singing birds, giggling children! They look forward to hunting for Easter eggs, munching lots of candy, and petting little bunnies. We have something new to add to your child’s Easter basket- a Ball of Faith. Give the ball a shake and ask a question. The answer comes through God’s words. 

A Ball of Faith is the perfect gift for any occasion: a tired mother who needs encouragement throughout the day and night, encouragement for a person striving to get well, celebrations of birth, life, and holidays. The ball is fun for all ages, because it brings our thoughts towards God every time we shake it. What better way to deliver God into the hands and hearts of children!

I spent months in a hospital with my son- Cody, who was born with a heart defect. During many lonely days, I raged against the unfairness of his condition, prayed he would improve, and cried when he did not. People would bring gifts, but most of them we couldn’t keep, because balloons, flowers, stuffed animals cannot be disinfected. I wish I had had a Ball of Faith by my son's bed. Shaking it and being reminded of God’s love would have been very helpful, especially when Cody died at 8 1/2 months old.  

I hope this Easter season finds all of you happy and healthy. Give someone you love the Ball of Faith. Bring you and your loved ones joy and encouragement, and a reminder that you are held lovingly in God’s hands!  Brenda Cain

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More Y-Knot Thoughts from Brenda

Hope the New Year finds everyone well.Christmas time really takes us back to family and simpler times in life.  It made me think of the kind of person I want to be.  Y-Knot be the kind of person God wants you to be?  Y-Knot have your thoughts line up with your actions?  Y-Knot treat people the way you would like them to treat you?  Life can throw curve balls that can hit each and every one of us hard.  There are times anger and frustration win us over.  In those times, we need grace.  In your daily routine you may come across unfriendly people and they may need grace from you.  Y-Knot be understanding and give as much grace as we would like to get in return?  The world could be a better place if we all offered as much grace as God does. 


An Introduction to Y Knot - From Brenda

Y-knot… In today’s day and age, as a society, a lot of us live by the y-knot attitude. However, a lot of our y-knots are based on everyone else is doing it,  y-knot me.  If they can do it, so can I.  This attitude is especially dangerous to our youth who are faced daily with questions such as y-knot use drugs, y -knot have sex, y-knot cheat or y-knot bully.  

With the world in the mess it is in today we need to be turning the y-knot around. Y-knot follow Jesus? Y-knot have faith in God?  Y-knot be honest, kind and loving?  Y-knot put ourselves out there and help the homeless, the drug addicts, the less fortunate?  Y-knot do God’s work here on earth?  The way we use Y-knot today tangles our lives up like a tightly woven rope that is all knotted up. The reason for my company logo is it symbolizes a knot that is beginning to loosen. To sum things up, we all need to be thinking, acting, and heading in the right direction. Y-knot teach our children the way to go instead of the world’s influence?  Y-Knot?