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Hi I'm Brenda, founder of Y Knot and the Ball Of Faith 

  My husband and I are very saddened with the direction the world is moving in these days. Our children grow up too fast. Families don’t have time to even sit down at the dinner table together. The innocence of youth seems to be missing. God seems to be a fading thought.

I feel very blessed to be a stay at home mom. I get the opportunity to take and pick up my daughter up from school every day. In that process I hear a lot. The one thing I really want to hear more of is God.

In the process of having friends over and them playing with the magic 8 ball I found myself wishing I could get them that interested in God - having so much fun, laughing, asking personal questions “to a magic 8 ball”.  With God’s help, lots of prayer, and a very long journey of searching for a Christian version, God laid on my heart to make one myself.  And I thought to myself “Why not?” - to have children playing, laughing, and asking personal questions to a ball that leads them to think of God. And that is how the Ball Of Faith and the company name “Y-Knot” was  born. I hope your children have a great time with it and in the process get closer to God.” 


Brenda Cain